Biological Activities of Various Triazolone Derivatives


  • Krishan Kumar Verma Department of Pharmacy, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education, 3, knowledge park-I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh Author
  • Umesh Kumar Singh Faculty of Pharmacy, Swami Vivekanad Subharti University, Meerut, UP, India Author



Triazolone, Triazol-3-one, Triazol-5-one, Antimicrobial, Antitumor, Anticonvulsant


Triazolones are known as a class of 5-membered heterocyclic compounds comprising three nitrogen atoms on 1, 2 and 3-position of the ring along with one carbonyl group (C=O), either at 3-position or 5-position resulting in triazol-3-one and triazol-5- one respectively. Therapeutic potential of triazolones has attracted various researchers and has been explored extensively. Triazolones and their derivatives had shown a broad spectrum of biological activities such as antimicrobial, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, anticancer, analgesic, anti-nociceptive, and anti-inflammatory properties. In the present study, we have made an effort to compile various structural variations on triazolone nucleus and their reported pharmacological activities.


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