About the Journal

Drug Discovery and Development is an international journal that covers the interdisciplinary issues related to drug discovery, its design and development in to suitable dosage forms or delivery systems. The scope of the journal encompasses research papers, reviews, short communications and letters to editor with novel findings capable of contributing to the state of knowledge in the following relevant areas:

  • Rational and structure-based drug design
  • Novel drug delivery
  • Targeted and controlled drug delivery against various diseases
  • Recent trends in QSAR
  • Natural products and their development as effective dosage forms/delivery systems/drug products
  • Modulation of biopharmaceutical properties of drug
  • Use of novel technique/tool for activity study or evaluation of drug/dosage forms/delivery systems
  • Improving bioavailability of drugs
  • Herbal drug delivery systems (for cancer, diabetes etc.)
  • Formulation development
  • Isolation of active compounds and activity analysis from herbs/medicinal plants
  • Modification in the existing drugs and plant-derived active constituents.

The journal will be Co-published bimonthly with Taylor and Francis group after some initial issues.