About Journal

Food & Pharma International (FPI) is an international journal that cover the topics include chemistry of major and minor components of food, food nutrition, sensory, flavor and physiological aspects of foods, food microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, chemistry of bioactive constituents of foods and pharmaceuticals including antioxidants, anticancerous, phytochemicals, and botanicals as well as chemical and biochemical composition and structural changes in molecules. Food & Pharma International strives to provide a forum for worldwide scientific researchers to share findings on all aspects of Food and Pharma and to disseminate innovative, relevant and useful information throughout the scientific horizon. All articles will be peer-reviewed and will find a place in Journal of Food & Pharma International based on the merit and innovativeness of the research work. Therefore, contributions shall be rigorously refereed and selecting on the basis of quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to readers. We therefore, invite you to send your research papers, reviews and articles for the current and the forthcoming issues.