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About HKB Publications

HKB Publications commenced its journey in 1997 with the inception of the "Journal of Essential Oil-Bearing Plants" by Har Krishan Bhalla. The HKB publication house was formally registered in 2004 by Arvinder Singh Bhalla as a tribute to his late father. In 2011, HKB diversified its portfolio by introducing two new journals: "Analytical Chemistry Letters" and "Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature" This move was aimed at fostering a broader spectrum of scientific discourse within the academic community. The subsequent year, in 2012, HKB Publications achieved a major milestone by partnering with the prestigious Taylor and Francis group. This partnership has been pivotal in enhancing the reach and credibility of all three journals, which are now co-published in collaboration with Taylor and Francis. 
Building on this momentum, HKB Publications expanded its journal offerings further by introducing three additional journals: the "Journal of Advanced Microbiology" (ISSN Online: 2349-7785),"Drug Discovery and Development" (ISSN Online: 2349-7777), and "Food & Pharma International" (ISSN Online: 2456-4192) as an open access journal. Unfortunately, like many other endeavors, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the regular operations of these journals.
As we transition out of the pandemic era, HKB Publications is reintroducing these journals, poised to resume their contributions to the scientific community. Through rigorous research and scholarly discourse, these journals aim to enrich scientific knowledge and foster innovation in their respective fields. The HKB Publications is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in scientific publishing, ensuring that its journals continue to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of science.


  • Journal of Advanced Microbiology

    The advancement of genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics has elevated the significance of microbiology in unraveling biogeochemical processes involving microorganisms. This includes their interactions with microorganisms, both in the context of health and disease.
    The Journal of Advanced Microbiology is a peer-reviewed platform that features outstanding articles spanning various microbiological domains. The journal showcases scholarly and original papers, comments, and reviews. Contributions are expected to introduce entirely novel, cutting-edge techniques or present substantial advancements over existing approaches. The editorial board encourages the submission of insightful papers that make a technically sound and scientifically driven contribution to the field of applied microbiology.

  • Drug Discovery and Development

    Drug Discovery and Development is an international journal that covers the interdisciplinary issues related to drug discovery, its design and development in to suitable dosage forms or delivery systems. The scope of the journal encompasses research papers, reviews, short communications and letters to editor with novel findings capable of contributing to the state of knowledge in the following relevant areas:

    • Rational and structure-based drug design
    • Novel drug delivery
    • Targeted and controlled drug delivery against various diseases
    • Recent trends in QSAR
    • Natural products and their development as effective dosage forms/delivery systems/drug products
    • Modulation of biopharmaceutical properties of drug
    • Use of novel technique/tool for activity study or evaluation of drug/dosage forms/delivery systems
    • Improving bioavailability of drugs
    • Herbal drug delivery systems (for cancer, diabetes etc.)
    • Formulation development
    • Isolation of active compounds and activity analysis from herbs/medicinal plants
    • Modification in the existing drugs and plant-derived active constituents.

    The journal will be Co-published bimonthly with Taylor and Francis group after some initial issues. 


  • Food & Pharma International


    Food & Pharma International (FPI) is an international journal that cover the topics include chemistry of major and minor components of food, food nutrition, sensory, flavor and physiological aspects of foods, food microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, chemistry of bioactive constituents of foods and pharmaceuticals including antioxidants, anticancerous, phytochemicals, and botanicals as well as chemical and biochemical composition and structural changes in molecules.