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Phytodiversity and Importance Value Index of Some Endemic Medicinal Plant Species in the Forest of Chhatarpur District

Abstract: The field study was carried out in the forest of Chhatarpur district, MP, in about 12385
kilometers. Chhatarpur district is a part of Central India and lies in Satpura hill ranges adjoining Vindhyan scarp
bordering Uttar Pradesh. It lies between 26º26" N to 25º21" N latitude and 78º59" to 80º26" E longitude. All
attempts were made to assess the importance value index (IVI) of some endemic plant species of Chhatarpur
district. Phytosociological data were conducted by using the quadrate and the pin-point method (10×10) meter
size for measuring frequency, density and abundance of each plant species. On the basis of frequency, density
and abundance, their values were calculated with relative frequency, relative density and relative abundance,
which were considered for the determination of important value index (IVI) of each species in the forest of
Chhatarpur district.