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Journal of Advanced Microbiology

Journal of Advanced Microbiology

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Effects of Various Physico-chemical Parameters on Growth, Morphology and Physiology of a Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Fischerella thermalis (Schwabe) Gomont

Article Author: Subhajit Roy, Shewli Bhattacharya and Samit Ray

Published online: 18 Nov 2017 | Pages: 120 - 134 | Downloads: 14


Screening and Evaluation of Multi-metal Tolerance of Chromate Resistant Marine Bacteria Isolated from Water and Sediment Samples of Paradip Port, Odisha Coast

Article Author: R.K. Mohapatra , S. Pandey , H.N. Thatoi , C.R. Panda

Published online: 18 Nov 2017 | Pages: 135 - 147 | Downloads: 12


Preparation of Fermented Ragi Based Beverage Containing Probiotic Lactobacillus Culture Producing Folic Acid isolated from Infant Faecal Matter of Preterm Babies

Article Author: Sushrirekha Das, Smita Hasini Panda , Pragatika pradhan and Nakulananda Mohanty

Published online: 18 Nov 2017 | Pages: 148 - 158 | Downloads: 10


A Note on Agricultural Importance of PHAs Producing Bacillus sp. on Plant Growth Promoting Activities

Article Author: A. Pradhan , S. Mohapatra , D.P. Samantaray , B. B. Mishra

Published online: 18 Nov 2017 | Pages: 159 - 163 | Downloads: 17