Isolation of Dye from Sporophore of Xylaria polymorpha for Textile Dyeing and Spectrophotometric Characterization of Dyed Fabrics

Article Author: Rakesh Kumar, Y.C. Tripathi, Ambika, Jyoti Sharma, Binita Kumari and Amit Pandey

Published online: 05 Mar 2018 | Pages: 162 - 173 | Downloads:


Role of Endophytes in Agricultural Crops Under Drought Stress: Current and Future Prospects

Article Author: Goral Trivedi, Rupal Shah, Priyanka Patel and Meenu Saraf

Published online: 05 Mar 2018 | Pages: 174 - 188 | Downloads:


Isolation and Evaluation of Comparative Ethanol Production Capacity of Yeasts in Presence of Different Carbohydrate Sources from Soil

Article Author: Preeti K. Dash , Manas R. Swain , Shanti L. Sahoo and Hrudayanath Thatoi

Published online: 05 Mar 2018 | Pages: 189 - 197 | Downloads:


Deciphering Enzyme Activity, Bacterial Diversity, Microbial Biomass and Organic Content in Soil along a Latitudinal Gradient in North- Central India: Exploring Ways for Increased Crop Productivity

Article Author: Kanchan Vishwakarma , Vivek Kumar , Nitin Kumar , Durgesh K Tripathi , Shivesh Sharma

Published online: 05 Mar 2018 | Pages: 198 - 208 | Downloads:


Evaluation of Protease Production by a Halotolerant Bacillus megaterium (MTCC-9205) in Different Agro-Industrial Wastes Through Submerged Fermentation

Article Author: R.R. Mishra, B.K. Sethi, S. Das, and H.N. Thatoi

Published online: 05 Mar 2018 | Pages: 209 - 218 | Downloads: