In toto 100 soil samples were collected from 10 different sites of Similipal Biosphere reserve, Odisha, India. Soil samples were subjected to physico-chemical parameter analysis. The soil observed to be acidic in nature. The organic carbon content of the soil fluctuated from site to site. The highest percentage of organic carbon was reported at the site of chahala-1 to be 0.676 during winter season. Soil bacterial population in the collected samples ranged between 2.9x108 ± 9.2x107 to 1.69x106 ± 2.9x104 CFU/gm of soil when studied through culturable methods. The highest bacterial population was observed at the site Natto-1 followed by Joranda, and Chahala-2. Phosphate solubilizing bacterial population ranged between 4.4x106 ± 2.4x105 to 6.9x104 ± 1.2x103 CFU/gm of soil. Total 450 isolates were isolated and identified by gram’s reaction and through a battery of biochemical characters. Out of 201 phosphate solubilizing isolates, 30 bacterial isolates were selected for studying their enzymatic activity. Isolates showed higher activities for phosphate, starch and protein digestion on solid medium with specific substrates.