Honey is known for a long time for its health benefits and biological activities. The aim of this work was to evaluate the antioxidant activity and Candida albicans growth inhibitory characteristics of honey of different botanical sources from Algeria. Colour intensity was also classified according to visual analysis and Pfund scale. The results indicated that total phenolic and total flavonoids ranged from 51 to 134 mg gallic acid equivalents (GAE)/100 g honey and from 29.6 to 187.1 mg QE/100 g honey respectively, antiradical activity expressed as % ranged from 61.28 % to 253.47 % and antioxidant activity expressed as FRAP value from 6.95 to 142.43. The honeys’ color ranged from light to dark amber. Also, the percentage inhibition (%) for C. albicans (5.8 to 96.61). No significant correlation was established between total phenoliccontents and antioxidant activity.