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Bioconversion of Maize Straw into Ferulic Acid by Pseudomonas fragi MTCC 10212

Abstract: Isolation of ferulic acid from maize straw was carried out using Pseudomonas fragi MTCC
10212 by the action of ferulic acid esterase. Ferulic acid was detected as the important phenolic acid from the
medium. The compound was identified and quantified by high performance thin layer chromatography. Ferulic
acid was detected for a period of 10 days. Maximum quantity of the acid was quantified on 7 day of incubation
and the quantity declined on further incubation. Concentration of carbohydrates from the destarched straw
was also determined and was compared with that of original straw. Approximately 260 mg of ferulic acid was
obtained per Kg of maize straw on 7 day of incubation. Pseudomonas fragi was solely responsible for the
extraction of ferulic acid from maize straw which is an essential phytochemical with antioxidant and antimicrobial
properties. It can be easily bioconverted into vanillic acid, salicyclic acid, vanillin, etc. which are useful raw
materials in Pharmaceutical, food and flavouring industries.