Abstract: Oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species and free radicals generated in the living
cells may cause various chronic, non-communicable diseases. Current research is directed towards finding
naturally occurring antioxidants of plant origin. This study was outlined to probe antioxidant potential of
ethanolic extract of Amaranthus spinosus (ASE) (whole plant) using different antioxidant models. The ASE
showed the antioxidant capacity as the inhibition of DPPH radical by 71.21 %. Also the ASE had potent
inhibitory effect on scavenging nitric oxide, superoxide (SOD), ABTS radical and hydroxyl radicals by 66.23 %,
61.22 % and 61.68 % respectively. Moreover, the ASE displayed Ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP)
effect (69.24 %). These findings confirm the biological efficacy of Amaranthus spinosus as a potential source of
natural antioxidant.