Abstract: Enterococcus faecium BM10 and Lactobacillus casei GM10 isolated from buffalo milk and
goat milk, respectively, and identified as Gram-positive, catalase negative, non-motile and non-sporing in
nature. 16s rRNA sequencing was performed for molecular identification of isolates. Both isolates evaluated for
probiotic properties; acid and bile salt tolerance and showed good survival index of acid and bile salt tolerance.
Bacteriocins of E. faecium BM10 and L. Case GM10 showed a wide range of antimicrobial activity against
pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Bacteriocins activity was eliminated after treatment with proteinase-K indicates
their proteineous nature and not fluctuated by treatment with catalase. Bacteriocin activity of L. casei GM10
stable at all tested pH 2,3 and 7 but bacteriocin activity of E. faecium BM10 not stable at lowest pH 2. Moreover,
bacteriocin activity of E. faecium BM10 was more sensitive at high temperature than L. casei GM10. Results of
study revealed that both isolates proved as novel and potent probiotics as well as antimicrobial agents.