Journal of Advanced Microbiology

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Abstract: Collagenase is a vital therapeutic enzyme that carries out the degradation of collagen, the

most abundant protein in vertebrates, into small peptide fragments and has potential applications in medical

and meat based food industries. In the present study, isolation and screening of collagenase producing bacteria

from soil samples were executed. A novel and non-pathogenic bacterial isolate, identified as Chryseobacterium

contaminans by 16S- rRNA sequence analysis, with collagenase activity was reported. The sequence was

deposited in GenBank with accession number KU665299. This is the pioneer report on the production of

collagenase by Chryseobacterium sp. Maximum extracellular collagenase production (2.0 U/mL) by obtained

when this isolate was grown in medium (pH 6.5) containing (%, w/v) sucrose 1.0, peptone 1.0, gelatin 0.3, yeast

extract 0.2 and few salts for buffering action at incubation temperature 30oC and agitation 150 rpm for 24 h of