Journal of Advanced Microbiology

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Abstract: Due to pollution and toxicity problems associated with synthetic dyes and pigments industry,
the whole world is shifting back towards the manufacturing of natural dyes and pigments. Natural dyes have
been obtained from biological origins like plants and animals; however a very little effort have so far been to use
fungi as source of natural dyes despite the fact that certain species can yield considerable amount of good
quality colouring substance. Present work describe the development of protocol for artificial cultivation of
Stereum hirsutum and extraction of dye from artificially cultured fungal species, dyeing and mordanting trials
with the extracted dyes on different textile materials and determination of CIEL*a*b* hue, chroma and K/S
values of each dyed fabrics. Using different mordants various shades like yellow, brown and purple were
produced on silk, wool and cotton fabrics. Colour coordinates like b* for silk, wool and cotton were found to be
8.41 to 24.71, 20.03 to 26.67 and 0.38 to 12.60 respectively, where as L* for silk, wool and cotton were 59.35 to
85.19, 35.02 to 71.83 and 77.34 to 90.77 respectively.