Journal of Advanced Microbiology

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Abstract: Endophytic bacteria are coming in class of endosymbiotic microorganisms extensive among

plants that colonize inner spaces of plant cells in all different plants. Endophytes do not cause any plant

diseases or any significant morphological changes. Vast diversty of bacterial taxa and plant host associated

with this plants and endophytic bacteria. For the period of last decade, new characterisitcs of the microbial

diversity have developed with application of novel metagenomic analysis methods in studies of microbial

endophytes. Endophytic bacteria are influenced by various environment and genetic conditions such as plant

genotype, abiotic and biotic factors, microbe-microbe interactions, plant-microbe interactions. The assorted

microbial community of endophytes play essential and exclusive role in the functioning of agrosystem. Plantassociated

microbial communities such as plant growth promoting endophytes enhance crop productivity and

provide stress resistance. Endophytic bacterial community represents a wide range of producing enzymes and

metabolites that help plant to tolerate both biotic and abiotic stresses. Their roles in the management of abiotic

stresses such as drought are only establishment to draw an attention. The research concerning bacterialmediated

drought tolerance in agricultural crop plants are synthesized here. Physiological traits such as relative

water content and photosynthesis are measured in recent studies. Bacterial mediated drought stress tolerance

and screening protocols are highlighted in present review.